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Money Meets Medicine with Dr Jimmy Turner and Dr Lisha Taylor

Apr 29, 2020

If you haven’t guessed… today’s show is about bonds.  Well, kind of. It is really about whether you need bonds in your portfolio and we also discuss other surrogates you might consider using in your portfolio instead of bonds. 

Kaplan Financial is the place to go for objective and experienced financial advice,...

Apr 22, 2020

There’s a ton of financial advice floating on the interweb, but some of the big-time gurus, like Dave Ramsey, don’t usually tailor their advice to physicians. While Ryan hates on Dave, we both address how to pay down debt the right way.  

Also, are you still searching for the right partner for disability insurance?...

Apr 15, 2020

If the economy were to turn sour is your income protected? How about if you have a diagnosed disability? What do you do to ensure that you still get paid when it’s time to put yourself and your family first?

The point of this show is to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes I made in training. Some of my [now]...

Apr 8, 2020

Get eaten by a bear? If it ain’t by Ryan (mr. sour patch), you most likely want to pass. With the market fluctuation as it has for the last couple of months, the bull market is officially over. Enter the bear. The bear brings about a ton of questions by investors, so let’s check out what’s trending. 


Apr 1, 2020

A penny, penny pincher might not be you, but you might have a budget or be thinking of one. While there are different ways to do the dirty “b,” some people just don’t like it. That’s OK. Ryan and I are on opposite ends of the spectrum on this topic. Who do you side with?

In Jimmy’s rap voice: Kaplan Financial...