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Money Meets Medicine with Dr Jimmy Turner and Dr Lisha Taylor

Mar 31, 2021

Ryan and Jimmy discuss important questions you need to consider before jumping into your non-clinical side business. Pursuing non-clinical income is not for every medical professional. Some people are happy with their jobs and lifestyles, and others know that they are not cut out for working as an entrepreneur,...

Mar 24, 2021

Ryan and Jimmy go back and forth on the pro's and con's of paying off debt vs investing during a time when interest rates are at historic lows. Like everything in personal finance, your situation may vary, but Ryan talks about how it might even make sense to take out debt because rates are so cheap.

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Mar 17, 2021

This episode is going to make you mad that you didn’t realize this was the one thing you could be doing to make a ton of money. While we talk about FOMO being a bad influence on people’s decision making, maybe this piece of advice will be the exception? As a reminder, all praise for this technique can be sent to 

Mar 10, 2021

Last week Jimmy shared his 5 rules for healthy financial habits. Not wanting to be out done, Ryan is up this week sharing his top 10 rules for healthy financial habits. And you better believe that Jimmy is taking every chance to heckle Ryan while he can. 
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Mar 3, 2021

Jimmy takes the stage this week to share some of his personal finance rules that he thinks everyone should follow. Don't feel bad for Ryan though, he gets to heckle from the peanut gallery at everything he disagrees with until he shares his rules next week!

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